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Revolutionizing energy efficiency! Our past achievements in LED lighting solutions showcase our remarkable results, maximizing energy savings of up to 70 percent by transitioning clients from traditional lighting  technology to advanced LED products.

Sensor Energy Savings
Potential For Office Spaces

We successfully replaced typical HID lighting fixtures in various applications such as parking lots, walkways, security lighting, and floodlights, providing our customers  with cutting-edge and energy-efficient LED alternatives.

For interior lighting projects, we offered two distinct approaches. The first involved seamless LED retrofits, where we replaced traditional T12, T10, and T8 technologies with our energy-saving LED solutions, delivering substantial reductions in energy consumption. That is second approach entailed complete fixture replacements with state-of-the-art LED options, elevating the interior lighting experience to new heights.

To consistently achieve maximum energy efficiency, we recommended integrating additional advanced technologies. By implementing occupancy sensors, motion sensors, daylight sensors, and dusk-to-dawn sensors, our clients could experience a remarkable 90 percent reduction in energy usage for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our past projects speak volumes about Bratic Enterprise commitment to pioneering energy-efficient design simulation engineering solutions We take pride in having paved the way for greener and more cost-effective lighting options for our valued clients.

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