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Who is Bratic Now?

Bratic Enterprise is a unique power generation provider.


Along with our diverse associates, we have over 64 years of product experience in electronics and automotive. Bratic has an innovative & effective approach in identifying the needs of our customers been around for over 20 years and providing solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer our clients innovative products and services that not only meet their charging needs but also help them generate revenue.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to achieving net zero emissions while providing top-notch charging solutions for our commercial and industrial clients.

Who Was Bratic?

Bratic Enterprise was a unique lighting solutions provider.

We maximized energy savings up to 70 percent, when transitioning from traditional lighting technology to LED for exterior applications, and up to 50 percent when replacing traditional fluorescent lighting.

Meet Stevan Bratic

Stevan Bratic

Stevan Bratic, founder of Bratic Enterprise in Brighton, and co-founder and managing partner of the new EV Charging POD, aims to help solve the power grid issue by offering a full-service solution for off-grid EV-charging.

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