Fleet Support/Roadside Assistance

Fleet Support & Roadside
Assistance Mobile Charging Solution

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • 100% Independent of the Electric Power Grid
  • Completely Self-contained
  • Fueled by Green Propane and Renewable Propane
  • Immune from Blackouts, Brownouts and Charges
  • Provides Energy Resilience
  • Off trailer External Tank connections
  • Monitoring Software
  • EPA compliant
  • Buy American Compliant

6 units of 19.2kW Level 2 & 60/120/180kw DCFCConfigurations Available

Mobile EV DC Fast Charging Station

Mobile EV DC Fast Charging

Station that runs on renewable propane


• No construction, permits or installation

• Ready to charge on day 1


Deploy when needed or if there simply isn’t an option

Scalable Fast Chargers For All Vehicle Classes

6 Incredible Benefits Of Mobile Dc Fast Charging Stations

DC Fast Charge - Level 3

Designed to provide up to 180kW DC fast charging Charge at maximum charging rate (depending on EV and driving factors)

Powered by Clean Energy

Uses green propane and renewable propane No diesel or conventional gasoline consumption Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Mobile and Rapidly Deployable

Truck, Skid-mounted, or Trailered on wheels for charging where and when you need it Easily transport if you move or relocate

We are! Ready to Charge on Day 1

No surveys, permits, construction, or installation Self-contained unit needs no additional infrastructure to operate

Off-Grid EV Charging Station

Completely independent of the grid Protection against blackouts/brownouts, and fluctuating electric demand charges Keep all vehicles charged and road ready 24/7 The energy resilience solution

Flexible and Robust

Compatible with all EV's Secure and user-friendly operation Remote access and monitoring software

Mobile Vs Traditional Charging Station